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Research is being carried out in all spheres of mechanism to reduce the human drudgery by modernising the mechanism and adopting the new technology time to time. In weaving industry, the technological modernisation has started from loin loom to throw shuttle weaving. Our weaving machines are German made Rapier machine & Japan made Air Jet machine.


Our dyeing machines are Japan made & imported from Korea. Our Fabric washing unit is well equipped as well with a huge capacity.


In this stage fabrics are layered on a table layer by layer up to a certain height. Then by means of a cutting machine fabric are cut into garment shapes or pattern and separated from the layer. Fabric layering is possible both manual spreading and automated spreading. Cut parts are then numbered and bundled and send to sewing or stitching room.


Garment panels are stitched together in sewing room by means of sewing machines. In sewing 2D fabric patterns are converted in 3D forms. An operator run the machine and using sewing threads garment parts are joined together.  Various types of sewing machine are available for sewing. Machines are selected according to the seam and stitch requirement. In industry traditionally sewing machines are laid in a raw.


Garment washing is not just for cleaning. The washing process removes most contaminants, making the application of artwork print easier. Garment Washing enables us a pre-shrunk product. We are specialised in Stone Wash, Enzyme Wash, Silicon Wash, Acid Wash and Garment Washing. We have our own unique technique to produce fashionable look. We turn the Garments to different by Washing.


We have latest Drying Machines configured to care for better Drying. We use Tumble Dryers. Tumble Drying is done to remove excess mmoisture from the Fabric. Heat Air is circulated through the rotating drum to evaporate moisture.


A multi-layer quality check is in process to adapt the best quality out-put. Checking is to trim all extra threads and also checks for stains and holes. We have modern Trimmer Machines.


We depend on modern methods for ironing. We use adjustable flat horizontal tables and modern steam pressing boxes for ironing garments. Vacuum sucking machines are used to take away the excess moisture in the garment due to Steam Ironing.


We buy our Packing Materials from leading suppliers and professional providers to Garment Exporters. We use only poly propylene and polyethylene bags with colour printing. For all kinds of Hangtags, Sticker and patches we depend on the best which meets the global standards. We use only corrugated Carton boxes for packing. We have a Bar tag Machine specially designed for Garment field.

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